Vertical hydraulic shoring (vertishore)

EZI Hire’s vertical hydraulic shoring (vertishore) is the ideal solution for making quick progress in shallow trenches in coarse soil. Correctly spaced along the trench, hydraulic shoring uses pressure and soil arching to make a wall that supports itself. This removes the need for side panels.

  • Excellent for shallow trenches in coarse soil
  • Supplied with a hydraulic pump and tools for easy installation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extension sleeves and rails for various widths and depths
  • Select rail lengths for the depth of the trench, and ram sizes for the width
Vertical Hydraulic Shoring: rail lengths (depth of trench)
Rail Length 1000mm 1500mm 2100mm
Vertical Hydraulic Shoring: ram sizes (width of trench)
Ram size Minimum span Maximum span
560.1 560mm 915mm
560.2 840mm 1195mm
1020.1 1020mm 1625mm
1020.2 1550mm 2160mm
1020.3 2080mm 2695mm

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