EZI Hire’s compaction equipment includes a 90 kg upright hammer and 90 kg and 500 kg plate compactors to meet your needs regardless of the size of the job.

90 kg upright hammer

  • 93 kg operating weight
  • 285 mm x 340 mm shoe size
  • 4.7 hp diesel engine
  • Anti-vibration handles to reduce hand-arm vibration*

90 kg plate compactor

  • Operating weight 8.7 kg
  • 460 mm x 610 mm plate size
  • 5.5 hp petrol engine
  • Fold-over handles for easy transport and storage
  • Heavy-duty handle mounts to reduce hand-arm vibration*

500 kg forward and reverse plate compactor

  • Self-powered forward and reverse motion
  • Operating weight 525 kg without extension plates, 567 with extension plates
  • Plate size without extension plates, 650 mm wide x 900 mm long
  • Plate size with extension plates, 800mm wide x 900 mm long
  • 14.1 hp diesel engine
  • Low vibration handles to reduce hand-arm vibration*

*Note: Hand-arm vibration (HAV) is vibration transmitted to a person’s hand and arm when using hand-held power tools, hand-guided machinery like small compaction equipment or while holding materials being processed by the plant. Exposure to HAV can lead to hand-arm vibration syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
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